On Children

The Grants Made Simple Foundation is a unique nonprofit dedicated to providing K-12 teachers with scholarships designed to enhance their ability to seek and acquire grant money.  These teachers have one common purpose – to positively impact their students’ lives.

The Problem

The majority of K-12 classroom budgets are sorely underfunded.  Research indicates that K-12 teachers throughout the United States spend an average of $500 from their own pockets every year on basic classroom supplies and learning materials for their students. These items should be paid from classroom budgets, but aren’t because budgets are inadequate. These teachers need your help if students are to receive the quality education they deserve.

Our Founder's Vision

Our Solution

The foundation provides K-12 teachers with School Grants Made Easy online grant writing training. With this program, they learn to write winning grant proposals to supplement their underfunded classroom budgets with grant dollars. These grant dollars enable teachers to provide more creative types of educational opportunities for their students.

Teacher support is also available from parents and community members. For every teacher scholarship funded by donations, a free scholarship is given to an interested parent or community member who wants to collaborate with that teacher. Building this unique community of support for teachers allows them to do what they do best – teach!

Your donations provide School Grants Made Easy training scholarships to K-12 teachers for them to learn to write award-winning grant proposals.  These grants can provide high-quality educational field trips, create exciting learning environments, pay for guest speakers, stock classroom libraries, provide inclusive and accessible programs, purchase updated curricula to support STEAM, purchase state-of-the-art learning technologies, and bring creativity and excitement into classrooms.

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Our Founder

Toni Rockis, Ph.D.

Dr. Toni Rockis is an award-winning educator who spent 30 years teaching high school, university, and adult learners. She received national recognition from the American Career & Technical Education (ACTE)/National Association of Vocational Education Special Needs Personnel (NAVESNP) for her work throughout the United States with administrators and teachers serving students with special needs. While a Professor of Education at Illinois State University, Dr. Rockis also wrote grants that brought over $72M into elementary, secondary, and post-secondary schools across the United States. Her grants have changed educational practices for thousands of students, incarcerated individuals, and men and women whose lives have been affected by mental illness. She has been highly instrumental in bringing new and exciting activities and practices into classrooms and other learning environments throughout the United States, affecting the education of thousands of students.